Monday, June 15, 2009

Giotto Steam/Water Wand modification

Wow, It's been a long time since last update and a lot has happend since then.

I was newer quite satisfied with the steaming performance on the Giotto Classic and went
through all kinds of tests in order to improve this. I tried descaling and changing the boiler water level but it didn't make much difference. After speaking to fellow coffee freaks I came to the conclusion that the ECM Giotto Classic Steam and Water Valves are simply not cut for the job the machine is able to deliver. After seeing a fellow coffee nerd at the Swedish coffee forum making steam mod using Izzo Alex part, I believed I had the answer.
The Izzo valves lets out more steam and as a bonus you get ball jointed mountings.

So lets get started.

Here you see the Giotto Classic before Waterwand was replaced.

This is the new and complete water wand

A picture of the old valve in place.

The old valve taken out

Replaced with the new valve - Voila!

Here's the final result! Replacing the steam wand is exactly the same operation. You may however need to spend more time adjusting the cobber pipes though.

Here a short video of the steam power after the mod.


Anonymous said...

I,m interested in doing this mod to mod to my Giotto. where did you buy the Izzo valve from? i cant seem to find anywhere that sells them

Philippe Massaad said...

Hi, I was wondering if I should do this on a Rocket Cellini Premium plus? I am looking to get better micro foam. I think the Rocket Cellini is pretty similar to the Giotto. I have no burn steam wands tho and lately I have been reading that they could be responsible for my bad micro foam. What do you think?

Thank you and by the way I love your blog