Thursday, May 4, 2017

FAEMA Lambro, Vintage Lever, 1960 - Restoration project

FAEMA Lambro, Vintage Lever, 1960

Restoration project

Enjoy the pictures of this fabulous machine !!

Boiler heating source was gas only but prepared for electrical heating element. See below

Replaced single safety valve with Mater pressurestat, safety- and vacuum breaker valves.

Installed a 2400W FAEMA heating element from FAEMA Compact instead of the 1500W standard issue. It had to be turned 180 degrees for not to touch the bottom of the boiler. The trade off is that the water level must be set higher. I made a minimum mark on the sight glass measured 7 cm from top of the drip tray.

 Testing the wiring setup

Final wirering

The old gas burner regulator under removal

With these closed boiler systems you tend to get stale water quickly so I added a ball valve to the sight glass fitting to be able to empty the boiler into the drain box. It works like a charm.

New lever head, spring, piston and seals.

The Lambro is finished 

You might have noticed that I changed the original steam valve/wand to a ball joint type. The steam/water valve can be purchased as sparepart. Look for Faema Replica steam valve. These can also be seen on VMB/Vibiemme espresso machines as well.

Makes one hell of a cup...... 



Kieran said...

Wow. Looks like it pulls a fantastic shot. I'm considering purchasing my own Faema Lambro. How do you find the build quality? Are there any issues you think I ned to consider before pulling the trigger on my purchase? Cheers.

Sonne said...

Excellent build quality and you can still get all the spare part's you need.